Our services, illustrated.

Standard service
Sourcing objet

Graphic assistance

Our services include logo positioning, artwork revision based on manufacturing constraints, and factory artwork upgrading to Western standards.

Standardized documentation

You work with Carena, not with a host of factories: our documents (artwork, specification sheets etc) are standardized, neutral and qualitative.

Expert advice

Assistance with choice of materials, customization options, trends, and cost reduction. Carena helps you better optimise your project.


You'll never see your products exposed on our website, or at international fairs.

Custom service
  • Graphic design
  • Product design
  • Product line

Technical feasibility

We ensure that our creations are compatible with manufacturing and customization processes.

Optimum pricing

Our tailor-made offer includes design AND manufacturing, ensuring you get a better deal than if you had these services from different companies.

Exclusive service
Web promotion

What is a landing page?

A dedicated web page, a landing page only contains the necessary information for your target (customers, visitors, consumers, etc). Instead of directing clients to a website on which the key information is lost amongst a huge amount of data, choose a landing page that gets straight to the point.

Questions / Answers

What are our products?

What are our products?

A promotional communication specialist, Carena develops any product that can be customized for brand promotion, from a business gift (pen, diary, leather items, luggage, etc.) to goodies (key-ring, lanyard, bottle opener, USB flash-drive, etc.), including advertising items (umbrella, soccer football, sunglasses, champagne bucket, etc.) and promotional textiles (cap, cuff, blanket, beach towel, etc.)

Which items by markets?

Which items by markets?

The brands we supply promotional products for come from a myriad of backgrounds. A few examples of popular products by industry:

- Spirits and alcohol: beach umbrellas, bottle openers, ashtrays, trays, coasters, napkins holders, bar mats, champagne buckets, etc.

- Sports, recreation, and outdoor activities: caps, supporter scarves, flags, soccer footballs, frisbees, sunglasses, beach towels, cooler bags, flasks, etc.

- Luxury: leather items, bags, key-rings, pens, scarves, bag holders, smartphone cases, travel kits, gift sets, etc.

- Motor industry: ice scrappers, coin holders, key-rings, car air fresheners, car document holders, non slip pads, reflective armbands, shade screens, etc.

Minimum order quantities?

Minimum order quantities?

Our MOQ are those of the factories. Generally speaking, the higher the value of a product, lower the MOQ.

Some examples:

USB flash drives: 100 units
Caps: 500 units
Reusable shopping bags: 3000 units

Best sellers of 2014?

Best sellers of 2014?

Besides the timeless calculator, USB flash drives, caps and advertising shopping bags, sales of mobile communication accessories have increased remarkably. Powerbanks (external portable batteries), protection cases, audio headsets, earphones and travel adapters are definitely this year’s best sellers.