Your reliable sourcing partner

in the heart of China.

Carena makes sourcing in China a hassle-free process, helping and guiding you through all the steps needed to run a successful business importing products from the best factories.

Carena sourcing vs Trading companies


Trading companies specializes in products or industries. A trading company can for example specializes in the apparel industry and can help you find products from apparel manufacturers. However, they will not specialize in any core business process. On the other hand, sourcing companies (just like Carena) are specialized in business processes such storage and handling, warehousing, prepping and packaging and quality control. Carena offer you these specific services as a value addition.

Our process

From inquiry to delivery, this is what a real sourcing company can do for you.

1. Inquiry

Start with your inquiry, let us know what products you are looking for.

2. Product sourcing

We look for the best places to manufacture your product.

3. Detailed offer

We send you a detailed quote.

4. Order confirmation

Order confirmation.

5. Schedule confirmation

Striving to meet your deadlines for each order.

6. Sample production

Sample production launch at the factory.

7. Conformity check

We are sending you pictures and/or physical samples.

8. Customer approval

We wait for your approval before proceeding.

9. Mass production

We launch the production of all your products.

10. Follow up

Production follow up and quality control.

11. Quality control

Quality control during major production phases and final inspection. New factories are audited prior cooperation.

12. Shipping

Shipping the products to you.

Logistics, also covered.

We take care of transportation

All up to you and your schedule, we arrange shipping of your goods with any carrier, by sea or air.

Shipping optimization

Possibility to group orders from different places in China, in order to send them together by container (saving on shipping cost). Delivery to the port (or airport) of departure or arrival, or directly to the final destination, according to the terms of sales.

Any questions?

Ask away, we’ll get back to you swiftly!